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Lazer Sword – Sweatpants Money Mixtape

by JM on September 22, 2009

Remember this business cause it’s going to blow up all over your face soon!!!

Lazer Swords is something that should be in everyone’s life…
Don’t get them confused with Major Lazer.
These guys are serious and don’t play around…
They put this mix together for their friend at
This is one of my favorite Glitch-Hop mixes to date.

Lazer Sword Sweatpants Money Mix

Lazer Sword Mixes Tracklist
1) Sweatpants Money Intro
2) Eprom – Humaoid Dub wwith Mike Jones “Like What I Got (a cappella)”
3) Powell – Aleatory
4) Low Limit – Trapperkeeper
5) Nadsroic – Room Mist
6) Lazer Sword – Koopa Boss Mode (Edit) with Jay-Z “99 Problems (a cappella)”
7) Ghosts On Tape – Straight From Cassette
8) Lazer Sword – Street Sodas (Edit) with MIA “Bucky Done Gun (a cappella)
9) Lazer Sword – TroubleVision (Edit) with Tum Tum “Caprice Music (a cappella)”
10) Rod Lee – Let Me See What U Workin With (Low Limit remix)
11) Dema – Chang!! XXXX with Eazy-E “Tha Muthafukkin Real (a cappella)”
12) Solid Groove & Sinden – Overbooked
13) Radioclit – On Everything feat. Twista & David Banner
14) Tiago Andrade – Babel Fish with Gucci Mane “Aw Man (a cappella)”
15) Lando Kal – Fuzzy Ankles with T.I. “Swing Your Rag (a cappella)”
16) Robot Koch ft. Cerebral Vortex – Vortex Cookies (Lazer Sword remix)”
17) Mr. Oizo – Lars Von Sen (X-mas Version) with Ludacris “Grew Up a Screw Up (a cappella)”
18) Slugabed – Getobonk
19) Keri Hilson – Get Your Money Up
20) Lazer Sword – Carpet Ride (Edit)
21) Lando Kal – Clobbertime with Pase Rock “Sexy Motherfucker (a cappella)”
22) Restiform Bodies – Interactive Halloween Bear (Lazer Sword remix)
23) Lazer Sword – Lektrik Womp (Edit)
24) Dopplereffekt – Scientist with Slim Thug “I Ain’t Heard of That (a cappella)”
25) Death Of A Party – Sympathy for Miss Veronica (Lazer Sword remix)
26) Siriusmo – High Together

Lazer Sword Sweatpants Money Mix

This is the stuff that inspires me.
Hope to one day achieve a mix like this.

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