Hussein Chalayan | Moritz Waldemeyer | LED Fashion

by JM on July 16, 2010

Hussein Chalayan, fashion designer, & Moritz Waldemeyer, engineer, came together to create two beautiful pieces of work. The Video dresses, Airborne, are created with 15000 LEDs embedded beneath the fabric of the dresses. Watch the video below to see how one dress shows sharks in the ocean and the other has a rose blooming. It looks absolutely stunning how appear and look on an ordinary white fabric dress. Not only are these lovely fashion pieces but also incredible art.


Moritz Waldemeyer and Creative Recreation have teamed up to create these fresh LED sneakers. This takes the whole LA Lights to another level. I can’t help but think of these on the dancefloor or out at a festival late at night. I’m wondering how long a charge last for them or if they have to be plugged in. LOL. Either way these are some next level dance floor business.


Francesca Castagnacci kept it real simple with a fiber optic cable look when it came to the two heels above. They don’t look too over the top and yet still have an appealing desire with the LED light. Talk about classy fancy shoes for women who like to show of and call attention to their shoes. Figure if you going to drop serious cash on fashion they’ll definitely get noticed.


Rodarte’s Illuminated Heels are another pair of heels I found that totally rock LEDs. These have much more of a classy playful feel to them. You have to hand it to them that they didn’t go too over the top but added the LEDs with finesse. The lights don’t take away from the original design and feel of the heels. The video above shows off some of the Rodarte’s 2010 line and features the Illuminated Heels at the end.

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