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Moa Pillar | Moon and Thunder Dance

by JM on January 12, 2011

Get ready to hear about the the young musician from Moscow, Russia, Fedor aka Moa Pillar. He started his career in a punk rock band (drums) and then he had experiments with gameboy and lsdj. His first album “Plamya” was realized in January 2010 by his project Fediny Shtuki. “Plamya” has a deep lo-fi sound. Fedor has blended ethnic Russian sound with dirty bits. Now Moa Pillar is creating his perfect mix of folk and ethnic melodies with a powerful energy beats/bass music.

2011 is going to be the year for Moa Pillar I believe. His new release Moon and Thunder Dance will be out in late January on the Gimme5 website and support from Alphapup. This is big news especially considering how unique his sound is as well as being an up and coming producer from Russia.

I’ve put together some of my favorites from him for you to check out. There will be more info on the release as the release gets near. It’s been a pleasure getting to hear some of his music. Glad I could share with you such new talent that is going to evolve tremendously over the years. Be sure to check out Crow Song. I dropped it over the week-end on a big system and WOW!

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