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Who is Clear Shadow? Afro Monk names Sofia editor of blog

by Sofia on December 17, 2015


Let me introduce myself, what’s up fam! My name is Sofia Raisanen! My alias is Clear Shadow… I am now the Editor of Afro Monk blog.  My creativity stems from an intuitive self-reflection of ancient knowledge…. I’m on a path of discovery through an intuitive following of passions and removal of blockages.  I had a vision in 2012, and removed a blockage two years later.  On October 2013, my good friend, JM, aka: Afro Monk (whom I had previously met mid-2011 in Dallas at some wild show in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas), invited me to be a contributor for his blog… at the time he had moved back to Miami from Dallas and I had moved to Austin, Texas.  “Hey how would you like to cover Art Outside and be a writer for my blog?” he said.  “Really?  I responded in full fascination.  Not gonna lie I was a bit nervous, wasn’t so sure I could do it, but I did it.  I did it because I believed in myself and my friend believed in me.  I’ve always liked that about JM, his genuine presence, the dudes a genius! He’s got good taste in music!

This is where my alias, Clear Shadow (removal of blockages), first appeared in 2013.  It feels like this was just yesterday….oh man have the days flown!  I’ve always been a writer…I’ve been a writer my entire life… but  this is where my writing in the music industry all begun for me. Since then, my creativity and growth has been expanding in ways I can’t even describe, I don’t think there’s even a proper word for it, it’s more of a feeling.  The feeling I get through writing is indescribable, it’s therapeutic.  It has completely changed my life.  It wasn’t until about 5 months later, on March 16th, 2014, when my creativity really started flourishing….through writing.  On that day, I removed a blockage, and I replaced it with a passion – Writing.

I was involved in the music industry for two years before writing in the music world, I was initially a promoter for Banjos to Beats at just barely turning 22 years in May 2011.  I dove into the music industry immediately after moving back to Texas in May 2011 from Boulder, Colorado, where I attended CU-Boulder for 3 years.  One month before I moved back I was inspired to get involved in the music industry.  Two months later, living back home in Dallas, ( huge promotion / event production outlet) asked me if I wanted to be their promoter, I said yes.  Seven months later, in February 2012, I became co-owner of my friends event production company called Yatra Productions, Transformation through Inspiration, geographically focused with music/art/culture events in Austin, TX, which eventually led me to moving there.  My friend and I eventually let event production company go, we had different focuses, mine being writing.   I still continued music promotions with The Parish (venue), Art Seen Alliance, & Art Outside, because I enjoy helping to spread fresh music…writing though, is my focus.

Around September 2014, Afro Monk blog experienced a web hosting 1&1 malfunction, which caused internal errors, & shut it down, it was a VERY sad day. But then more doors opened up for me.  On October 2014, Street Ritual record label, Knowa Lusion & spacegeishA, pulled me in as their in-house writer, and a few months later, in January 2015, I also evolved as their new PR & Marketing Director. Also around October 2014, I also became a writer for Keyframe-Entertainment, Editor of Evolver EDM (music section of Reality Sandwich co-launched in 2013). Fast forward to the now, December 16th, 2015, and Becca and I launched the 3rd Division to Street Ritual on October 2015, it’s “Street Ritual Connexion [Artist Management & PR Services ]”, and I am now also a Talent Agent under our Agency at Street Ritual, representing two International Artists – Hedflux and KarmasynK.  I also still write. a lot. Whether it’s in my journal, through my laptop…whether it’s an album review, or hand written poetry in my journal, I’m still writing.  I’m also starting to play more with Ableton, for fun, to expand my creativity in a new method!  This stuff is all fun, it’s a third language! Do I have any experience playing music? Starting at 13, I played the clarinet & bass clarinet for 3 years.

As of yesterday, 12/15/2015, Afro Monk blog is back up and running again after 14 months, and my homie just named me Editor of his blog!  We want to let you know that we will always keep it fresh.  We’ve got some cool ideas flowing for 2016, it will be a year of re-connection and of innovative promising results, we’re stoked!  With over 4 years of experience in multiple fields within the music industry, I have developed a strong desire to create, elevate, and inspire conscious change through passions.  Aside writing to help people discover the freshest underground music, my intention with writing is healing….I healed myself through writing.  I’ve had a vision in mind for quite sometime now.  Do I have any current writing goals at the moment?  Well yes,  I’m embarking on writing outside of the music world and more in the depths of transformational triggers of human existence and evolving consciousness, with a focus on removal of blockages.  Higher levels of consciousness, and human existence.  It’s outlined, it’s brainstormed.  It just hasn’t fully flowed out yet, maybe it will during this journey I embarked on about 2 months ago, I’ve embarked on a journey of re-connection through the mountains of NoCal and Colorado, Mountains are very inspiring!

My creative alias is transitioning into ‘Amalgamation 23’ this coming year, 2016. Consider it an evolving phase through Clear Shadow, a new found vision. Why the number 23? Well I was born on the 23rd, and it has also been a strong guiding/aligning number in my path. I will take all of the removal of blockages and evolving experiences & amalgamate it into 23

Check out the sounds at Street Ritual, the Record Label that I am a part of:

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  • Eric Mantras
    December 17, 2015 at 7:43 pm

    Right on Sofia! Wonderful tale of self discovery. Great to hear you’re fully removing blockages and pursuing your passion as a writer. I love it when people blossom into their higher selves and fully nurture their unique gifts. I’m sure you’ll benefit the world in many ways with your talents. Much love!

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